Stats Royale for Clash Royale App Reviews

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Good, but inaccurate

Love it, except the stats for decks I use are WAY off. It’s showing many times the number of matches played. For instance, I just tried a deck in Ladder and it showed 1 match at first. Now it’s a day later and it shows 4 matches instead of 1. I have only played one ladder game in the past week.

Exclude cards we don’t have please

The deck builder is worthless if it shows cards that we don’t have. Please fix.

I have mad love for this game!

This game here was and always will be in my option one of the top greatest games on cell phones today! There is no bad points to this game because the company works very...very hard to make sure that if there was a bad point, they would fix it before the it got out of control! I just want too thank the team that attended to this game for many!many! Fun and exciting hours! -Ghost

Great app

It’s very good it actually tells you the next level chest


I’m trying to link my profile and the only numbers it is letting me type are: 2, 7, 8, 9 and 0. Please fix this

This actually works

At first I thought these can’t predict my chest well I was hecka wrong about that it literally predicted that I got a golden chest and it worked as well as my clan and stats


My username is Diablo but when I type it in the Diab don’t load so it shows as #LO

Not Working

I can’t even enter my player ID. Useless so far.

It’s good

After a glitch where it wouldn’t load my profile it is working as intended

I can not link my account

I don’t know how to fix this issue because I keep trying to link my account and it says an error happened...

Can not load anything anywhere

Doesn’t even work

The only thing that worked....

Was the download. It can’t identify my player tag. After 25 attempts, it just appears to be an useless app that got through the App Store.

“Something went wrong”

It keeps giving me an error whenever I try to use my player tag... please fix this because it seems like a good app otherwise


3 star until they fix a problem where they can’t find my account, I try looking myself up but it doesn’t seem able to find my tag.

I like it

Well made lots of helpful advice easy to navigate

Great app! But....

The latest version downloaded caused the cards to disappear when customizing a deck! After choosing customize deck, there’s the option to include and exclude cards. When I click on either one, no cards are available to choose from. Every page is blank! Anyone else have this issue?

Great app!

I love this app I got it when I was in P.E.K.K.A’s playhouse and the decks from it have helped me reach legendary arena! There are great decks in this and you can track your chest cycle it’s amazing!

No Options for help

Unable to adjust limits on the trophy progression curve.

Pretty good

It does really well in many things one issue i do have, however, is that the tournaments section needs some work. Maybe sorting preferences, or a faster refresh time would be really nice. Also, for some reason it stops playing music in the background. If not for these things ild probably give it 4.5-5 stars. There are ads tho which is expected from any decent and free app

A glitch or bug

I tried to go into stats royal but when i did it said something went wrong and i cant check any of my things

App crash?

It literally does nothing. It loads and then goes to a blank white screen. The end. Day 2..... same thing. Updating to 2.0 didn’t help

it’s good but way too many ads

so every 2nd time you log in you will have to see an ad. I understand you have to make money for making the app but at least make a way so we can turn it off like in other apps by paying a certain amount

Very low quality

You mean to tell me the highest trophies with a maxed out Valkyrie is around 4800? Yeah right, this app is garbage

It’s good

It helps you play clash royale with no adds

Please stop making this app interrupt music apps in the background like spotify


Great Clash Royale guide

Love this app, it gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and become an all around better player in Clash Royale. However, what happened to all of the 2v2 deck suggestions? Looking forward to future updates.

Chest Tracker #1

It's right on no reason not to use it. Keep track of your chests and easy way to check out new decks.


Cannot look up players

Stuck at 0

Highest trophies is stuck at 0


Where’s the iPad version

Account doesn’t show

The recent update to this app does not allow my account to load.


Used to be good but since the latest update everything is broken. I love when developers break their own apps.

App Increíble

Esta app es súper amigable y sus funciones están totalmente activas. Sus recomendaciones para decks son acertadas, así como el estudio de tus partidas anteriores. De verdad, 100% recomendada! Si no fuese de Venezuela, seguro hago la inversión en la PRO ;)

No good decks

No good decks to use


This app has been quite useful in helping me build decks and keep up with stats. And I was disappointed to see that when I go to the deck builder page, I can’t view the players to use those decks anymore. Are used to look at there stats to see how well they did with that deck. Please bring that back!

Great app for CR

Love seeing all the stats in an easy to navigate app. I still like the website a little better because you can sort the players in a clan. Would love to see a “Last Active” stat for the players in a clan to help with player management.

Two things bug me

1. The decks do not update consistently. If I switch decks I typically have to play around 15 matches before it registers, and sometimes the same deck registers in several different slots. 2. The trophy tracker is MUCH MUCH less detailed compared to the website. I typically go to the website because that is what I’m interested in.

Is a magical

Is a magical

This app is great. But until the bug is fixed (been months) it’s a 1 star

It is great to be able to track everything from chests to decks and much more BUT since I have gotten my iPhone X months ago every time I click “update profile” it sends me to an ad (which doesn’t bother me as 5 seconds of my time is fine) but the ad never plays. It is always stuck at the full time so I then have to close the app out and re open. My profile is updated but it’s an unnecessary step. Fix that and 5 star app again

Great app

Everything is there, the only thing is that when I click over to the search tab, the app crashes. Nothing else bad, though


Good app

Great App But

Lately whenever you click on the clan under the name it goes to a completely white screen, please fix this

Would give 5 stars but....

The app itself is amazing but now when I try and get on all it does is show a white screen and I’ve tried to delete the app and reinstall but it still doesn’t work even after numerous tries. Please fix this


For a while now, the only way it works is if I go on, hit refresh, close the program all the way, go back in, hit refresh. That’s annoying and it’s been like that for months. I’d have thought they’d have fixed it by now

Good Clash Royale Companion App

Not only does this app show you your chest cycle and important personal stats, but also shows you trending decks and different play styles affecting the meta as well. No bugs or glitches that I know of. No in app purchases that affect anything either!




Something went wrong with they're new update and nothing will load!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Not updating my account - no way to get help

Keep trying to refresh my account but my current deck and chest cycle are failing to update for the last few days. Additionally, there is no where (that I can find easily) to contact anyone at the site with a problem or error. Poor customer service. :(


It used to be a great app but recently whenever I try to get to clan information, the app just shows white screen and nothing happens. Disappointing.

White Screen

Tried to upload my profile and it’s just a white screen. App doesn’t do anything

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