Stats Royale for Clash Royale App Reviews

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Good app

Great App But

Lately whenever you click on the clan under the name it goes to a completely white screen, please fix this

Would give 5 stars but....

The app itself is amazing but now when I try and get on all it does is show a white screen and I’ve tried to delete the app and reinstall but it still doesn’t work even after numerous tries. Please fix this


For a while now, the only way it works is if I go on, hit refresh, close the program all the way, go back in, hit refresh. That’s annoying and it’s been like that for months. I’d have thought they’d have fixed it by now

Good Clash Royale Companion App

Not only does this app show you your chest cycle and important personal stats, but also shows you trending decks and different play styles affecting the meta as well. No bugs or glitches that I know of. No in app purchases that affect anything either!




Something went wrong with they're new update and nothing will load!!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Not updating my account - no way to get help

Keep trying to refresh my account but my current deck and chest cycle are failing to update for the last few days. Additionally, there is no where (that I can find easily) to contact anyone at the site with a problem or error. Poor customer service. :(


It used to be a great app but recently whenever I try to get to clan information, the app just shows white screen and nothing happens. Disappointing.

White Screen

Tried to upload my profile and it’s just a white screen. App doesn’t do anything

Just a white screen

I downloaded the app, typed in my gamer tag, and I got a blank white screen. I shut my phone off turned it back on and same thing. So I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same thing. I’ll try again tomorrow but the website is much better.

App issue

I have used this app for a while without trouble, but now I can’t use it. All of a sudden, it would just turn the screen pure white and crash as far as I know. This app was good while it lasted, but not anymore

It won’t let me in

For the past few days the site has been booting me out and I like the app but I can’t rate the app good if I can’t use it


When I click on my clan the screen goes all white

White screen

So I got this app and when I put in my player code the screen turned white and I waited for hours and it’s still white😡.

Too many Ads

Too many Ads

App crash?

It literally does nothing. It loads and then goes to a blank white screen. The end. Day 2..... same thing


Great app for what I need chest wise. But if there is a way you guys can track our Quest Chest rotation that would he amazing!!!

Best strategy app ever!

This improved my deck so muck, thank you makers of this app

Great for everything, always adding new things

I've been using this app for checking my chest cycle, and recently I've been using it for so much more. The developers are always adding new things to the app to keep up with clash royale, and it's fantastic!

Just a blank white screen

They asked me for my player tag. I supplied it, and then everything went white. I closed the app and reopened it multiple times, goes immediately blank after the loading splash screen.


Everything I want in a Clash Royale supporting app👍

White Screen

Since downloading the only thing the app will do is white screen. It had me enter my tag # and now no matter how many resets or app closes it only shows white screen.

iPhone X updating profile doesn’t work

For weeks now when you try to update your profile it sends you to an ad(which is fine with me) but then it just locks up And you have to close the app and reopen. Great app otherwise

The best

I love this app used to track it on magical chest on my account and it got it perfectly I love this app so much and I give a five star rating thank you so much

Multiple profiles

Good app, but wish we could add multiple profiles to keep my other accounts organized and up to date.

Really accurate

This app is very Accurate as I said in the description Unlike a lot of other apps four stars not five because I don’t understand the numbers on the chests but it’s really cool app definitely worth the time.

Best app

Literately should be put on google for questioning it’s too good


Need I say more.

I love this app. But a few suggestions.

I love this app. I have used stats Royal ever since it was just a website. I just would suggest a few things. First off, I think thee should be a war battle record for players. I just think this would be so good in showing the true overall skill of players since you have to play different decks on war day. Another thing I think should be added is 2v2 deck wins and losses for individual players. This would help us to see what decks typically do the best for us. This would make sense because it already exists for 1v1 battles so why not add it for 2v2. The final thing I think that should be added is clan rankings. This one is not necessarily, but I think it would be very cool. What I want is a screen that ranks you with your clan mates in areas such as total all time donations, win rate % (ladder, 2v2, war, etc.), cards won in tournaments, and so many more stats. Those are the things that I think should be added to improve the app with the war record being the most important. I hope you consider my suggestions to make your app even greater than it already is.

Favorite feature gone

I always like to see how popular cards were and the winrate that they had. Where did it go?

Good app

But it doesn’t update my deck win/draw/loss i know I have more than 2 wins with my deck I used the same deck from arena 8 to arena 10 if it gets fixed I’ll give 5 stars

Stats Royale review

It is a. It is a very good program. It is it also helps to check your chest stats and it helps you too see your decks all in all. It is a very good program.

I doesn’t work

I been trying to us this stats royale app and website for awhile and they don’t load my stats or get information wrong It said my favorite card was pekka but it was royal ghost and the chest cycle doesn’t even work WHEN THE FUNDEMENTAL PARTS OF YOU APP DOESNT WORK THEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM the app and site both need to be fixed

Very nice

This is an amazing app for serious Clash Royale players. It provides many utilities such as what chest you will get next, the best decks for your trophy range and your card collection, and just overall everything about the game to improve your skills. Definitely recommend


The only thing that routinely works flawlessly is the ads. Often won’t update. Seriously lags behind actual game data. Knowing what chest is coming up is nice, if you can get it to update. It’s become less and less useful.

If you like to track your stuff on clash Royale this is for you.

I love it it helps me find great decks to use in my current arena and see what my next chest is so much great features I’m in love in this is I would rate 10/10.

My app is broken

I accidentally got my code wrong and then the screen just turned white and I restarted the app and my phone and the same thing happened is anybody else having this issue or is it just me.

Profile Decks

The profile decks feature doesnt seem to work right, it’s not showing me the deck i’ve been running lately.

The updating of profile

It won’t load my profile and it’s always like that for every profile I go to only the clan works fix or I won’t use this app ever again


No carga mi cuenta


I just got the app, then put in my clash royale id, and got to look at a big white screen. Forever.

Not the best

It mirrors what is on the website, but with ads that can’t be turned off and can’t be dismissed. Good idea, not good execution. Stick with the website.

Stats Royale

I love this app! I have had it for awhile and and think that it’s super helpful. I’m in arena 4, and so I really don’t want to get knocked down! This app gives you awesome deck ideas, and tells you what cheat you will get etc.


First off, I use an iPad for pretty much everything, and not being able to have an app optimized for your display is pretty annoying, but at least I can have easy access to my stats instead of going to my browser to find it.

Great so far would like to see all features added

Great app so far love how you can see what chest you’ll be getting soon would love to be able to have all features on the website on the app along with being able to click on the cards and see the levels of the cards but y’all are doing a great job so far found one of my best decks on the website


Will not up date

just download it

it’s good works fine download it

It's crap

Don't load fast and it wast time

I know my chest

Wow I made it to Arena 10 with one of this decks download it

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